God’s Grace, Kindness and Marvelous Works in Living Word Orphanage Home


The Children’s center was started in the year 2004 with an objective to care and support Orphans & Vulnerable Children largely affected by HIV/AIDS scourge. Managed by Living Word Children`s Home, the center caters for children aged 4 years to 18 years.


The home is located in Seme area of Kit Mikai Kisumu East. It’s a semi slum and mainly inhabited by the poor.


The home is firmly based on Christian foundation which entails daily devotions with Christian teachings, individual and peer counseling and prayer.


To provide a Christian home environment that will enhance the holistic development of every child i.e. (Spiritual, Physical, emotional and educational needs).

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To be a home where everyone can thrive as part of an extended family acquiring and developing key emotional, spiritual and social skills in early life.

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To provide education and skills that will enrich individuals and prepare them to face the outside world responsibly using their God given potential.

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To transform the life of an orphaned child into productive life for the Glory of God.


To develop an orphaned child to a responsible mature adult, empowered to address social, economic, physical and spiritual needs to the glory of God. To develop an orphaned child to a responsible mature adult, empowered to address social, economic, physical and spiritual needs to the glory of God.


The home generally offers care and protection through the provision of:

Shelter, feeding, clothing, education, rescue, health care, counseling, reintegration and tracings.

It has the capacity to house 55 boys and girls at any given time. Meals are provided on daily basis including breakfast.

Lost children are rescued and traced back or referred to other relevant home for support.

Counselling is an ongoing and this is done through volunteers coming on pro bono basis.

Our Needs

The home requires the following to run effectively:

Personal effects: to include bathing soaps, bar soaps, toothpastes, sanitary towels, tissue papers, body oils and shoe polish. Others include towels and under wears.

Food Items: Dry maize, beans, green grams, maize floor, cooking oils/fats, salt, sugar, vegetables and porridge flour.

Hygiene: Disinfectants and detergents.

Education: School uniforms (Girls tunic, sweaters, shoe, socks, boy’s shorts and trousers, shirts and game skits) assorted exercise books and revision books.

Accommodations: Mattresses, blankets, bed sheets, beds. (Need to be changed after a period of time)

General funds: School fees for high school, Personnel support, maintenance and repairs.

Utilities: water and electricity bills.

Donate & Help Africa Living Word Children’s Home

We accept in-kind donations that include dry foodstuff, household items like. The items go a long way in supporting the needs of the children under our care.


Certificate of registration No. 38758

Email: africalivingwordministries@gmail.com | monicahooko@yahoo.com

Swift Transfer

Bank – Barclays Bank

Bank code – 03

Branch – Kisumu



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